First and foremost, we are mummy and daddy to Teddy, who is now 5 years old and Betty who is 2 going on 16. Teddy is a tiny nerd who loves Lego, Spiderman & Dinosaurs or any combination of the three - his knowledge of life and the world is somewhat impressive, and slightly intense. So far Betty likes food of any type (literally anything) and has really mastered the fantastic trick of waking up for a long chat between the hours of 2 & 4 am.  


We love making films because they are, for us, a little bit of magic. When done right they can honestly capture every feeling, every emotion, every memory of a day - keeping them in a little vault that you can open whenever you want. Bloody brilliant if you ask us.  


We can’t think of a better day to want to save forever than a wedding - and that’s why filming them is the best job in the world. Getting to see, and film, and save all that love and happiness in a room…  

What’s better is you can see it too, reliving it over and over again - on anniversaries, with friends…when the wedding blues kick in and you just need a hit our films are just the ticket. We want you to be able to see what we saw, his face when you walked in, her face when she gets the dress on, Granddad’s killer moves on the dance floor. You don’t need to worry about missing things - we will be there to keep hold of it all for you.  


Then we get to edit it all together into a story. Your story.  


Dan for 12 years in his previous career played a part in creating some of the highest grossing films in recent history. Working in the film industry on projects for worldwide cinematic release and restoring some of the most loved films of all time - means Dan has sharper eye for detail than most. He’s worked with Oscar winning Editors, Cinematographers and Directors which means you can trust his abilities to capture and creatively control colour, light, sound and narrative implicitly.  


Hannah has been working alongside all our couples since the beginning, being the first person you'll likely speak to, the helpful hands on the morning of your wedding and there to capture all the other bits that Dan can't be at.  


But really most of all, and most importantly, we're in the business of making sure you guys get just the wedding film you want - because that’s what this is all about. You and your story.  


Our prices start from £2,400, we don't have 42 different packages to choose from ranging from Bronze to Glittery Unicorn Fart.

We like to keep it simple and make it fit you, so please get in touch for more detailed pricing for your day. 




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